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Forecast Your Future Book

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Forecast Your Future

How Small Businesses Exchange Stress and Chaos for Cash and Clarity

For nearly 20 years, Author and CFO, Shane Bender, has worked closely with concerned business owners and leaders who are stuck in a seemingly uncontrollable financial cycle. In his book, Forecast Your Future, he shows you how to:

  • Understand where you are today in your business and why this matters.
  • Determine your financial destination.
  • Acquire the tools, skills, and habits needed to get to your destination as fast as possible.
  • Assess and adjust your financial model to help you make quick decisions, build reliability, increase adaptability, grow profits, save time, and enhance impact.

If you are a start-up, a small growing business, you work in a business, or even if you work at a non-profit, you can exchange stress and chaos for cash and clarity today.

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