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About Us

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Shane Bender | Founder

Shane Bender serves as a CFO and financial consultant for multiple small businesses.

In 2016, he launched Bender CFO Services Inc. to help small organizations gain financial intelligence to develop strategic growth, measurable results, and ultimately financial success. His expertise in financial forecasting and strategic planning has established him as a trusted advisor for businesses aiming to enhance their profitability and value.

Prior to launching Bender CFO Servies, he spent over 15 years in the corporate world as a Controller, Director, VP of Finance, and other financial roles.

In 2018, he published Forecast Your Future: How Small Businesses Exchange Stress and Chaos for Cash and Clarity.

He has been a CPA since 2001 focusing on industry finance and accounting. He also has an MBA from Baylor University. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Holly, and four children.

Industry Focus: B2B Services, Digital Marketing

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Oscar Mhiko - 2024-1

Oscar Mhiko

Financial Analyst

Oscar graduated in 2023 with a Master’s in Analytical Finance at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. He lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Petra Elder


Petra is an experienced and results-driven Controller holding a CPA and an MBA in finance with career spanning over 19 years.

Purvi Shah

Purvi Shah


Purvi has over 15 years of deep accounting experience and enjoys discovering ways to help clients improve their company's finances.

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Mission Statement

We are a financial intelligence firm that helps growing businesses gain financial clarity and command of their financials so that they can maximize growth.

Values - CLARITY

  • Courageous Mindset

    We provide financial wisdom that looks into the future to assess risks and provide clarity through financial forecasting and analysis.

  • Leadership

    We know the best leaders also serve in a kind, thoughtful, and respectful way. We do what it takes to do the job well and take ownership.

  • Active Listening

    By constantly asking questions, we learn our client’s concerns and desires so we can provide guidance, tools, and processes to meet their needs. 

  • Relationship

    Meaningful, kind, and trustworthy relationships are important to our clients and internally.

  • Integrity 

    We are reliable, consistent, and accurate, so we can give prudent and objective advice to help clients make the best decisions.

  • Teachability 

    We seek to learn, read, and try new things to be on top of the best ideas, systems, processes, and tools to share with our clients.

  • Youthful Curiosity 

    Growth is essential for success. We coach our clients to see their business from a mindset of abundance and potential. Be solution focused.